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the uncommon millionaire

Do you dream about creating a better financial life? Stop dreaming and start acting. The Uncommon Millionaire reveals a small-town boy’s journey from the North Carolina tobacco fields to achieving millionaire status in his late 30’s.


the financial fitness playbook

This book offers practical advice and interactive worksheets to help in your race toward financial freedom. This step-by-step guide will improve financial organization and help unleash tomorrow’s possibilities – create a spending plan, better cash flow, reduce and eliminate debt.

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money $mart teens

This book is designed to help students establish a strong foundation in financial literacy. Each of the lessons will challenge, educate and equip youth with the necessary tools to enhance their financial fitness.

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For teens:  cash rules everything around me

Give teens the gift of financial intelligence – understanding basic terminology, knowing the difference between credit, income and wealth, and creating spending plans.



Receive insight, tools and guidance focused on your financial goals

First, I have to say that Al’s program is simple and consist of a lot of common sense. He helped me really realize where my money was going and where it should be going. As a result, I decided to set a plan. I have cut up my credit cards. I am living by a true budget. My spending is more controlled. I am still a “work” in progress ... Thanks so much for the knowledge and advice. Now it’s up to me to make it happen! ONE DAY, DEBT FREE WILL BE ME!
— Sharon, Client in Ohio