It would be an honor to assist with the journey toward financial fitness for your employees, your students or for you. Providing financial tools and strategies through workshops and speaking engagements is what we love to do.

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Al facilitated a financial workshop “Dollars and Sense” for my organization this spring. Al was extremely knowledgeable and professional. The event was open to the public; therefore it was critical that the facilitator be flexible with individual financial literacy. Al was AMAZING! He engaged the audience and was open to all opinions even those opposing the information he was presenting. Al provided tools to aide in assessing your personal financial situation and offered his services to assist post the workshop. I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking financial advice and counseling!
— Danelle (OH)
We are a non-profit agency whose mission is to help low income individuals and families come to homeownership through a lease to purchase program. All of our clients struggle financially and Al’s financial expertise was sought out. Al facilitated a workshop for approximately 20 of our client families. His presentation was highly engaging, humorous, extremely applicable and financially poignant. His demeanor was professional and easy going. We were pleased with his ability to connect with our clients dispelling some of the fears they have about money. After his presentation, several inquired as to the possibility to work with him on creating a personal budget. I believe this speaks highly of Al’s impact.
— Marcia J. (KY)