Enhancing employee financial wellness decreases lost productivity cost

GTB’s Corporate Financial Fitness Program is designed to help decrease lost productivity costs due to your employees’ financial stress. Just because your employees are at work doesn’t mean their minds aren’t somewhere else. How much is idle time costing your company each year?

The program – offered as workshops or webinars – is customized to your company’s and your employees’ needs. Employees receive pre- and post-financial assessments and a playbook to facilitate their action plan. Employees now have the tools and are empowered to make immediate, positive decisions about their money. 

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Measure the impact of financial stress in your workplace

Have your team take our free Financial Fitness Survey and learn how financial stress is impacting their productivity, saving, spending, debt, and retirement outlook. Financially fit teams are more focused -- leading to better employee performance and a decrease in lost productivity cost. 

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Good Credit, Good Debt but No Cash

Workshop participants get clarity on credit misconceptions, learn how to prepare for emergencies, distinguish among credit types, and
improve their cash score.

Making Sense of Your Dollars

This workshop helps you understand commonly believed money myths, manage your finances as if you’re running a business, overcome a high consumption lifestyle, and embrace the truth of your net worth.

Ready for Your Payday?

In this workshop you claim your financial power by giving every dollar purpose, learning to live within and below your means, managing cash flow efficiently, and dictating financial outcomes.

Twas the Night Before Payday

Workshop participants learn to create the proper holiday mindset, develop a foolproof spending plan, apply financial systems that work, and plan for predictability.


During this workshop, you will learn about various types of wealth building and retirement vehicles, evaluate their pros and cons, and understand the necessity of delayed gratification while embracing the power of compounding interest. What you do with each dollar on a daily basis either propels you toward building wealth or holds you back.

Al recently presented part 1 of a 4-part series on Financial Wellness to a group of our employees. Al is both engaging and entertaining and has a great way of keeping this complex subject matter simple and to the point. He had the room laughing and kept the participation levels up, which was great to see. The only negative feedback we were given was that they wanted more!

— Kelly B., COO at BGR, Inc.

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